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For the small and mid-sized business owner, your business is like a child: you nuture it, feed it, provide for it's safety and security, and hope it grows well. STS provides solutions designed to help you keep your business safe and secure, both from internal and external threats.

STS provides low cost, high quality computer and network security solutions for small to mid-sized business users. We design and implement complete package solutions, including switches, routers, and firewalls. Our packages use small-footprint HP and Compaq desktop machines running Smoothwall firewall products which provide a high level of security at a reasonable cost to the end-user.

Our staff includes Cisco Certified Network Associates, Checkpoint Certified Security Administrators and Engineers, and Nokia Certified Firewall Engineers, giving us the expertise and skill to provide technical support for all our solutions. We also offer remote administration of all installed systems for an affordable monthly subscription fee.

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