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Computer and network security addresses only part of the threat facing the business owner of today. Not only do you face the threat of burglary, theft, and vandalism, you face issues of employee misconduct, employee theft, and other internal threats. Add to these the continued rise in litigation over claims of alleged safety violations and misdeeds, and you have a full plate of stress to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Fortunately, STS can help with these issues as well. Our product line includes a complete set of surveillance tools, from still camera photography to real-time video monitoring. Want to monitor secure areas of your office? Install our Axis line of networked cameras for a wide-angle, real-time view of the area in question.

Need to monitor a workspace or an area of particularly high losses? No problem, just zoom in and monitor activity, record activity over time, or both.

Our systems allow you to zoom in close enough to read the screen... set up alerts and see in real-time what your systems are doing.

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Wide Angle View
2x Zoomed View
8x Closeup View