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STS is proud to provide high quality products from among these companies:
Netgear Netgear is a leader in the small to medium business and home networking markets... add their strong presence in the emerging wireless market, and Netgear offers the best in quality, service, and support. Through our participation in the Netgear Powershift Partners program, STS is an authorized reseller of all Netgear products.
SSH Communications SSH Communications provides high-end tools for use in content-sensitive applications, especially those needing secure transmission of personal or business data. From VPN clients to data encryption systems to secure server software, SSH Communications is the number 1 choice for your security needs. STS is an authorized reseller for SSH Communications.
Axis Communications Axis Communications is an industry leader in small footprint, high quality cameras and surveillance equipment. With a hardened kernel and a standard CS camera mount, these unobtrusive and rugged devices provide excellent solutions to real-time monitoring, still image photography, and low light/no light surveillance needs.
Cisco Cisco networking equipment is the de facto leader in their field. High quality combined with superior training and support equals a rock-solid network. With a wide range of products to fit almost any type of network need, Cisco network devices are the ones to beat.
We also use and recommend products from Symantec, HP/Compaq, JVC, Sony, Silent Witness, and many other premier companies. Ask for your favorite!