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Your home is your castle... but with the advent of always on Internet, such as DSL or cable modems, your castle has the drawbridge down and the barbarians are waiting at the gate. On an average day, your new high-speed router or modem is attacked 25-50 times... per day... with Nimda and Code Red virus attacks, netscan and port scanning probes, and other hack attempts anyone with an Internet connection and average intelligence can launch against you. The basic firewall, routers, and modems packaged with your access plan do little (if anything) to deter or even notify you of such activity.

Securing your computer or network is only one of the problems faced in today's world. With many homes having two working parents, nannies, baby sitters, and housekeepers are part of the daily working team supporting your family's schedule. Add in the exterminator, the carpet cleaner, the electrician, or any of hundreds of other workers and contractors, and your home quickly becomes open to a multitude of possible threats.

STS utilizes a number of technology tools to promote safety and security within the confines of your home. These tools include hardware and/or software firewalls and content filters, hard-wired or wireless networked cameras with local or remote storage, low light and IR video monitoring, and real-time active video with local or remote storage, hidden or covert cameras, and motion detection ability. All of our packages include 3DES encryption technology, making signal interception useless to the offender.

These tools are only part of the arsenal of technical methods available for providing you and your family with a safe and secure environment.

Teddy Bear NannyCam
Motion Detector Camera